Monday, February 11, 2013


On October 9th, I came home from work and was watching TV, minding my own business about to go take a bath when... POW!!!! POW! POW! POW! I ran to the front door and looked out the window--- there was a car, and yes I said it out loud! I quickly learned that the front door was jammed shut. I ran out the back door while calling 911, only to quickly run back in to put pants on. At that moment, I thought the house was about to catch on fire. When I made it around to the front yard, I saw a girl in the driver seat and thought she was dead. While on the phone with 911, I start screaming-- SHE'S DEAD!!! By then, my neighbor who was in his front, yes front, yard using the bathroom came running over in his boxers, and my other neighbors came running in their PJs. So you have a bunch of sleepy looking people running around in their PJs with my car fizzing and the other parked in my bathroom. Fire trucks, ambulances and police start swarming. All of the sudden the calm, quiet evening has turned into a red and blue flashing light circus. I called my good friend Patricia. I told her that someone had run into my house and I thought she was dead. She missed the part of me thinking she was dead and thought I was hiding somewhere in my house and there was an intruder. She called Matthew who dropped everything and came running. My sweet friend, Faren, happened to be driving by. She stopped half way in the yard and half way on the street and sprinted out of her car in fear I was hurt. As the paramedics treated the girl, we all stood and watched. Next thing you know, the firemen need to go inside. So Faren, my neighbor and I took them inside. As we rounded the corner into my bedroom, we were greeted with a flood of water. Apparently the popping I heard was the pipes bursting. At some point in the commotion, I called Daddy and told him that a girl ran into my house and hit my car, but I was ok and had to go because my phone was dead. It didn't go over well. Coach Roy was there in less than 5 minutes of my call to Daddy. Toni and Faren threw towels on the ground. I went and got a bottle of water and sat in the kitchen. The sweet police officers came running in the kitchen to get my cooking pots to put my bed in them. Faren and I cleaned out my car. Then we all watched as the tow truck crank the car, back it out of my bathroom and drive it to the road. Shock. Paul and Leigh-Ann and one of Matthew's friends, along with Coach and Matthew nailed a tarp up to the wall. I called Mom and Daddy and went to the Camerons. I did not sleep all night for probably a month. Mom and Daddy showed up the next afternoon to help me figure out what to do next. We bought boxes and packed up the bathroom. The next day, I went back to work because I had a lot of unfinished work. Mom and Daddy took on the car dealership to figure out what to do about that. After lunch, I came home and we continued to clean up the mess. By Friday, we had picked out a new car and gotten clothes for me to stay at the hotel and gotten an estimate and such. By Monday, I was focused on trying to sleep again, focused on getting up and leaving the bed each day. After Thanksgiving (2 months after the accident), I moved out of the hotel and moved into my friend Angela's house because they had moved, but hadn't moved their belongings and needed someone to watch the house. I got my house back from the contractor on December 21st. I took off work that day to spend time moving back in and turning my house back into a home. Patricia and the boys came and helped. We spent most of our time hanging things back on the walls and dusting. The next day I drove to Tennessee to celebrate Christmas with the family. I came back home the day after Christmas to turn around the next day and head to south Louisiana. It took a month to clean out, find things and figure out where things were to go. Now I have a shed full of things to sell and a home again. I'm sure there are more details, but some I have chosen to forget, some I just can't remember.
I learned so much from this whole process. I know people care about me from all of the calls, messages and kind offerings. I know that God is my protector. He stalled me in going to the bathroom to take a bath. 30 - 40 seconds changed the outcome of this story. I know God begs me to trust him every day. He proved himself to me yet again that day. Trusting Him in being my protector, trusting that He holds every situation and everything will be ok and done in His time for His good. At the end of the day, because I have Jesus, IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL. My world my be in complete chaos and nothing is how I like it, but IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL. So, I will leave you with a few lyrics to a song and some photos that I can't figure out how to post chronologically.

Car in house. You can tell she was still accelerating because of how far the tires are dug in the ground. 
My beautiful mums and pansies in a mess. 
There's my cast iron bathtub in crumbles

The bricks were on the outside of the house.

Luckily the house is old and has good bones. The tile used to be made in sheets and there was mesh on the back. So when it fell, it fell in sheets. Thankfully the mesh also helped hold her back.

There it is in the light of day. Sad. 

Sad broken bathtub. 
I couldn't make them go in order. But this is the back of the car. 

The beautiful dumpster my neighbors got to enjoy looking at for 3 months.

Closet got destroyed too. 

Picking exterior paint colors is not as easy as it looks. 

Ready for a shower. Only missing the tub, the wall, the pipes.... 

The new tub! 

So ghetto. 

Pretty new color. Messy front yard. 

Picking matching wood floor. 

Tile in progress.

Fixed walls. New paint. No floor.  
Tile in progress.


Detail and my cute little window. 
Home Sweet Home! 

Jesus' Blood by Delirious

There's a secret I must tell
Of all the love I've found
And it's hidden in my heart
The day you tore my world apart

Hallelujah, King forever, friend and Saviour

Jesus' blood never fails me,
Jesus' blood never fails me,
Jesus' blood, Jesus' blood

And this secret, it will run
To the corners of the earth
Where every woman, every son
Will carry high their chains undone

Hallelujah, King forever, friend and Saviour

Jesus' blood never fails me,
Jesus' blood never fails me,
Jesus' blood never fails me,
Jesus' blood, Jesus' blood

Sing your songs of freedom
Praise the God of heaven
Love that never fails me
Jesus' blood, Jesus' blood


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

San Antonio Half!

Hardcore training continued until race day. I drove to Dallas to meet up with my friend Colby on Friday after work. Saturday morning, we grabbed breakfast and south. We arrived in San Antonio and went straight to the expo to check in. After check-in, we decided to explore the city a bit before dinner. We took the boat tour of the Riverwalk and did a little shopping. For dinner we met John, Annette, the Golemis, Aunt Jeanne, Uncle Bruce and Annette's friend and her parents at an Italian restaurant on the Riverwalk. After dinner, we all headed to our hotels/homes to rest up for the big race. Sunday morning was race day! Colby and I left the hotel in full race gear, ready to Rock and Roll! We met up with Annette and headed toward our corral. This race was extra special because we had our own cheering section. Every few miles, John, Aunt Jeanne, Uncle Bruce, Mrs. Nancy and Mr. Ronnie were waiting and cheering big! Even though the race was in November, the Texas heat pounded down. The race crew was ready with extra water stations, water sprinklers, sponges and ice cubes. At about mile 10, my knee started hurting really bad. I had to slow way down. I finished the race at right at 3 hours. When I finished, I got my chocolate milk and headed straight to the medical tent for ice on my knee. All  of the others had finished and were waiting. We all met up and headed down to el Mercado for lunch at a local Mexican restaurant. After lunch, I headed out to Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Bruce's house to enjoy the beautiful scenery and great company and a shower! Overall, it was a great 2nd Half Marathon Weekend! 

Riding on the boat! 

Boat driver! 




Ready to run and cheer

Glad he got to come! 


Look at all of those people! 

Running in front of the Alamo! 

Some of our fans! 

We got medals! 

Libby ran her first half! 

Jayhawk finger puppets! 

Yay for finger puppets! 

Had to have a little birthday fun for the birthday boy! 


Friday, September 14, 2012

Personal Trainer...

Well I had my first lesson with JoEllen. I survived. Barely... Let's look at the gym first. It is a giant building with metal exterior and NO AC. At the front is a row of stationary bikes. To the right is the weight section. The middle is a giant mat. This gym also teaches Jijitzu. At the back there is a big roll up door, near the door is a set of three pull up bars, rings and other random things. Let's just say it's intense and very intimidating.

Day 1, she took it easy on me. I still whined. Started out with 20 minutes on the stationary bike then I did a rotation of 5 ball drops, 10 push-ups and 15 kettle bell swings ---- 11 times!!!  Yep, I was sore...

Day 2, she still said she took it easy on me.... Lies Lies Lies. I started by doing 10 minutes on the bike, going fast. Moved to the back and did a increasing rotation followed by a decreasing rotation of ball drops and ring pull ups. If that didn't make me sick, we moved on to riding the bike really fast for 1 minute, running down the street and back followed by 10 burpies (squat, kick your legs out and jump up high reaching to the ceiling). Yep I did that 10 times... I thought I was dying. I got home and was completely soaked from sweat, red face and blisters on my hands.

It took an incredibly intense turn. I am going to try to get up and run tomorrow. If I don't make it, I'll run 2 miles on Saturday and 6 miles on Sunday. I may not survive this race. Or if all goes well, I will dominate this race!!!! We shall see!!!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bumps in the Road

    Well since my last post, I've been doing terrible at consistency running. Let's get all of my excuses out of the way...
1. My calf muscles hurt.
2. I'm too tired to move much less run.
3. I was out of town.
4. I'm just too busy.
5. My body is not moving. Like every muscle in my body has tensed up and is not moving.
6. It's 114 degrees outside which is too hot to run.
7. It's discouraging not being able run with your friends for 3 of their 12 mile jog.
8. There's no good time to run. I like sleeping as late as I can in the mornings.
9. It's early.
10. I ate bad.

    Ok, I could go on, but I'll spare you. Last Thursday night, I was running with my friend Angela. She was trying to go 17 miles. I was going to join her for 5. Well I held her up instead of joining her. It was over 100 degrees outside, after dark! That was our major hold up. We made it about 2 miles, and I was majorly struggling. Basically, I moved my intervals from 4 minutes running / 1 minute walking to 3 minutes running / 2 minutes walking. Angela would run her 4 minutes then turn around and come back for me during her walk. Once we started my 5th mile / Angela's 10th mile, my legs stopped working. As much as I tried, my run turned into a walk. We both changed our intervals to 1 minute running / 1 minute walking. Angela was so sweet and cheered me along... We made it to my house and both sopping wet with sweat laid on the floor and cooled off.
     At that moment I realized my running this time is harder than ever before. I guess a lot of factors contribute to that, but it's just not cool. So I texted my friend JoEllen who is a personal trainer. We are doing a lot of exercises that strengthen your core. We'll see how it goes...


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Goodbye Weekend Sleeping In, Hello Race Training...

So it has begun! Half Marathon #2 for 2012 is scheduled! San Antonio, November 11, 2012. I decided this time I was going to document my training-- the good, bad and ugly. I am planning on documenting each days wins and losses. Here goes nothing! Week 1 - August 13 - 19, 2012 I started the week out and woke up early, put my running gear on and headed out the door. I was shooting to run / walk 3 miles. Well, in Louisiana August is one of the hottest months ever. We were predicted to have storms which means HUMIDITY HUMIDITY HUMIDITY. So pathetically, I only made it 2 miles, but I was happy I made the choice to get out of bed and go. Tuesday, I gave myself a break and slept in. After the day ended, I rode a quick 3 mile trek on my bike. This is really bad and I'm working on it. I didn't run again until Saturday and I did 3 miles. Sunday, I met some friends who were running 15 miles. I ran my 4 in 43 minutes with them. Forgot to mention, I bought new running shoes on Saturday. So far so good with the kicks! After the 4 mile run, I went on a 10 mile bike ride. My legs are pooped! Goals 1. Run comfortably at a 11 - 10.5 minute pace. 2. Strengthen core 3. FINISH the race!!!! Stay tuned for exciting running adventures! Love!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Let's Build a Patio... Day 4

Yes, this is one of the longest home projects I've done in a LONG stinkin time! I made like 12 wheel barrow loads full of gravel from the front yard to the backyard. It was exhausting, and I didn't get anywhere. On Saturday, my friends the Camerons came over and helped me. At this point, things started moving FAST! We filled where the gravel was to go very quickly. Then realized that we have a ton of gravel left. Soooo now we have new projects....... Until then... Enjoy!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Let's Build a Patio... Day 3

We got ROCKS!!!! Technically called "pea gravel" ... but who's getting technical ... And yes, they dumped it straight on the driveway. And no they couln't get any closer and yes I forgot a tarp.

... now I get to move them to the backyard ... Oh lucky me!!!!!